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Custom development services offered by our company:
X-Cart & Magento customization
Software outsourcing

X-Cart is sold to our customers as distribution with open source code. What is the main opportunity of such approach? It means that you get not only powerful and feature-rich shopping cart engine but also a product which can be easily enhanced to suit any of your needs and improved for any functionality you might desire.

However, this opportunity can be used not only by skilled professionals or experienced PHP/MySQL specialists. Any owner of X-Cart-based online store can enrich his/her online storefront with absolutely any additional features using our custom development service.

Our team of experienced professionals can develop any custom functionality upon your request. Range of tasks which can be performed is no limited at all.

Still, as an example, we can mention those types of tasks that we perform most often. Most popular requests include:

  • X-Cart integration with any third-party software and specialized systems which allows performing complex sales analytics, product and orders tracking, affiliate partnership, enhanced content management and so on.
  • Integration with specialized financial software for easy synchronization between your offline store database and online shopping cart.
  • Customizations of business logic and internal functionality to accommodate your specific operational needs.
  • Developing new functionality from the scratch and building it into e-commerce system.
  • Assistance in upgrading your e-commerce software up to the latest releases.
  • Outsourced programming related to third-party products.

During 6 months after the custom development is finished, you can, at no charge, turn to our experts for an advice or assistance on your project.

Please read Customization Agreements and Custom development FAQ for more information.

Note: Complex and extensive X-Cart code changes made during custom development services may have a negative impact on further upgradeability of these stores. Automatic upgrade procedure may not be possible and upgrade packs may have to be applied manually (this process requires some technical skills from the customer). However, it's always possible to order the transfer of all custom modifications to the latest version of software from our company.